Do You Want Urgent Help For Someone With a Mental Health Problem?

If so follow these steps:
If a GP or private psychiatrist is treating the person then contact them FIRST
2. If the person doesn't have a doctor or extra help is required you can ring 9450 9000 and this will connect you to the North East Community Mental Health Service, Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.
3. If it's after hours, and urgent assistance is needed ring 9496 5000 and ask for the North East Crisis Assessment & Treatment (CAT) staff in the Emergency Department. If appropriate, this service can visit a person at home.
4. After the crisis is over you can contact Neami or hope springs, community based rehabilitation and support services, for help with getting on with your life.

Where do I go for help?

The Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre's North East Community Mental Health Service (NECMHS) aims to provide responsive, accessible services with an early intervention focus. It also provides consultation, liaison, education and mental health promotion services to health and welfare providers and the general community. Consumer involvement in improving service delivery is actively pursued.
The NECMHS provides:
Ø Psychiatric assessment and treatment
Ø Individual case management, counselling and rehabilitation
Ø Support for families and other carers
Ø Education and consultation on mental health matters
North East CMHS - 9450 9000
77 Hawdon Street, Heidelberg
On weekends, public holidays and overnight the North East CAT in the Emergency Department is available for people of all ages who require urgent assistance - 9496 5000.

Support Groups

Neami is committed to supporting people with serious mental illness to get back into community life by offering:

Activities - a combination of rehabilitation, educational, creative and social programs as well as a place for informal get togethers in a friendly and supportive community environment;

Outreach - Neami support workers will visit people in their homes who have difficulty using community services.

Housing - Neami has a range of houses and provides support to tenants.

Neami North East 9459 5455
422 Upper Heidelberg Road

Neami Housing & Administration
9470 6022


. If you need an interpreter

ring The Victorian Interpreting and Translating Service on 9280 1941 This is a 24 hour service, and any person or organization may use it. Fees may apply, or The Dept of Immigration and Multi-cultural Affairs Translating and Interpreting Service on 9487 3479. Available at all times (After hours: 13 14 50) This is a free service for people of non-English speaking background.